Thursday, January 16, 2014


What to do about buses
Bus in Nepal (JLewis, TDRF)

So my student just told me that when I arrive we will take a 17 hour trip on a bus at night through the mountains of Nepal. Hmmm. That sounds really fun. …..Especially since I just read on a travel blog DO NOT RIDE BUSES IN NEPAL! Why? Because it is dangerous for women? No. Because it is uncomfortable? Well certainly…but no. So why? Because if you do…especially at night….especially through the mountains…you have a 30% chance of careening off the road, crashing at the bottom, and burning to death if you have not yet died from the impact. Aha. Yep. We are getting plane tickets.

Most interesting advice so far

Run in zig zag lines if being shot at. …..long pause…..totally appropriate. So please do take your time to digest………Jennifer’s thoughts: You know….I have heard to do the same if being chased by killer bees. Yeah….I know….not …exactly…. the….same.

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