Thursday, January 9, 2014


Back story:

Biologist (Jennifer) believes that scientists suck at using media to get across important messages. And that we are loosing very important battles because of this (e.g. evolution and climate change). So the question is….Can we learn how to use these tools to our advantage? And make a real difference doing so?

The gauntlet has been thrown…challenge made….by one person…to one person. Jennifer.

In this Blog….you can follow Jennifer….and see if she can pull this off.

The challenge….Can she learn from square one how to use film media (aka …create a documentary) to tell an important conservation story? And in doing so…make a positive impact on that conservation issue?

The story she wants to document is that of the highly endangered Ganges river dolphin. Problem…there are only about 1000 left. People in the countries where it is found, and most other countries on the planet….have no idea it even exists. How to tackle this?

There are going to be two Blogs covering this story from two angles. One is going to be written from the perspective of the Foundation for which the documentary is being produced ( This will include more information about the conservation issue …AND… have no F bombs. A clean Blog. The second…this one…will be the journey from the F bomb perspective. Documenting more of the adventure, and the struggle to make the documentary a reality. From the mind of the Jennifer.

Let’s see what happens.

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