Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back in Dhaka….with all limbs intact! :

Rule Number 1: Don’t tell fedex about porn (JOKE everyone…JOKE!)

Back in Dhaka and I get to hang out finally with Farhana for the day! But before I meet with her I send out more film to the US. Whew! Especially after what happened yesterday. I feel a lot better knowing it is not all on me right now. The Fed Ex place gives me a lot of shit because it is hard drives I am sending out which look TOTALLY suspicious! I GET THAT! But geeze.

The reporter living in the house I stayed at in Dhaka told me (she works for agency out of Switzerland) that they always go through all her photos and try to say which ones are allowed out and which are not (she sends them back to her agency). One time, when trying to send out a drive, they asked me if I had porn on it. I said “I wish!”. For some reason that did not go over well.

Mouse trap…fingers anyone?

Anyway, I meet up with Farhana at the offices of the couple that run the dolphin project. But before we head out, there is a dilemma I must help to solve! How to set a mouse trap! Great Fun to be had! The house mate/reporter from Switzerland was having a problem with mice eating her bananas. And the trap was set before baiting it….so now….how to bait without setting off and chopping off hand. Hmm. Sounds like a perfect way for a Jennifer to get herself into trouble! Give it to me! 

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