Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Character three!

Farhana during interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh
(Photo: JLewis)
Market in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Photo: JLewis)
Following Farhana was absolutely fantastic! She is totally comfortable on camera. Incredibly open and giving as she answered my questions or explained her story to me. This is very good news since I only have this day to spend with her. Believe it or not (I am even surprised)…I was able to get enough footage with her to make it work. I filmed constantly…multiple interviews (lengthy)….multiple locations….lots of b roll action of her working, moving around in the city, shopping, traveling, interacting with friends and co-workers and also lots of plain b-roll of the city itself. Plus I do also have some other footage of her from my first visit to Dhaka, if needed. But I think we have it covered. And I am thrilled!

Tomorrow the next strike begins here and I have to get out of the country then or who knows when I will get the chance to leave. Strikes here are a little different from Nepal. Instead of road bombs they throw molotave cocktails at cars and crush them with bats. Works in pretty much the same way though. People stay off the road. More about the strike in the blog for tomorrow. Let’s just say…it was a very interesting last night in Bangladesh. :)

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