Saturday, March 29, 2014

Down time in India…What?

Day off?

Today I actually don’t go all the way to Bihar. So good news is…I GET TO LIVE TWO MORE DAYS! AND….I have a day off! I know! WTF! So I decided to travel to Jodhpur.

The plague

It seems….am sick…ish. My non stop cough from hell I developed in Kathmandu now scares everyone away. How non-stop? Let’s just say I need enough losenges so I can constantly have one in my mouth to keep from hacking on everyone. Otherwise I am totally out of control and gross and frightening.

Problem…. I could not locate anything remotely resembling a losenge in the Kathmandu airport. I finally end up with a giant bag of Werther’s caramels. I had to eat the whole bag of to get through flight number one (aka cough control). I do not even WANT to know how many calories that was! I just know…I am no longer hungry…for maybe ever….and …..I think I have a new cavity.

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