Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Filming in Khulna…Day One

Can you make it short and succinct?…No? …Ok……Thanks. 

So we started today at Manish’s University (Khulna University). Manish and I get our first set of interview’s and b-roll complete, and then get a group of young students to follow us outside. I have another idea I decided might work somewhere in the film. I thought…maybe it would be cool to get a number of students from each country to give me a sentence about what they hope to do for conservation. Like my name is---I want to …or my hope is…etc. Seemed like a great idea…but…for some reason…I could not get ONE of them to do just a sentence. Instead they gave me more like five short chapters. Which in after thought, I think speaks well of these kids. They were so eager to talk about the issues they thought were important and what they wanted to see happen, that they simply could not NOT tell me everything.

Students at Khulna University, Bangladesh (Photo: JLewis)

Case of the giggles means shit clips

Manish was great to work with. And a lot of it was because he simply has a light happy spirit. Which made for trouble when we tried for some of his b roll. For example, walking to his classroom or getting into a rickshaw. He would almost always get close to what would be the frame that was important and would then break down with a case of the giggles. Which then gave me the giggles….which totally ruined the shot. ……but made it way more fun to do the work. Win some…win some more. As long as life is fun.

Case of giggles


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