Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jennifer’s sometimes get worn down…but like a weeble wobble…they always get the fuck back up! (Don’t you think Hasbro wishes they could have phrased it that way?)

Well whaddya know! Pooh is a Weeble too!
I get to the Kathmandu airport, get through security and sit down in the waiting area. I have not been able to connect with anyone from home the last day or so….I am sick and exhausted….and just generally worried about the film. And lets just say….I am having an interior meltdown. Sometimes you just need someone to push you back out there and say GO get em. But…I did not have that today. No one here but me. Finally I realize….it’s up to ME to push myself back through the door……..interiorly…..I  say….Jennifer…SHUT THE FUCK UP with your whining bullshit! There is simply no time for that. You need to get the fuck up….go to that kiosk….buy some menthos so you can stop your incessant coughing that is scaring EVERYONE in this waiting room….sit your ass down…pull out some paper and a pen and come up with a plan to ensure you will get what you need at this final location. Ok….I will. So I do. :)

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