Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monkeys are assholes

So I was supposed to leave today to head for Dhaka. But for some reason my flight was cancelled. This in a way was good because Manish and I decided it would be worth it to head back to Mongla for a day on the water to film fishermen in action.

In the middle of the day Manish suggested we stop for lunch at a crocodile breeding facility. Which is funny….because now that I re-read that sentence…it does not at all sound like an optimum place to have lunch! A crocodile breeding facility?! Anyway…it actually was a cool place….and….the crocs of course were in pens. It also has some cool trails to see other types of wildlife.

Crocodile in breeding facility, Sundarbans, Bangladesh (Photo: JLewis)

Well. We get off and immediately I can see a ton of wild monkeys running around the place. We go to pay for visiting the place when I start thinking….monkeys….easy access to boat….my camera gear….SHIT! I turn around and GDamn it! They are all over the boat and in my bag. We run to the boat and they all drop the shit with the exception of one who has my CF cards (memory cards to put film on….over 100 bucks a piece….AND WITH FILM ON THEM!!!). I am so enraged at this that for a second I forget…ummm…wild monkeys…stronger than me…AND….CAN BITE! I yell at him and attempt to smack it. Obviously I don’t think fast….logically. Anyway it is rather funny….in a way….because I think my reaction towards it…was sort of unexpected…. he is totally taken aback, he drops the bag and his face changes for just a moment to like…. Hey….don’t hit me (interject unhappy face)..but within a second…logic comes back to him and he recalls…hey ….I am the Gdamn wild animal! She is shit American who dresses crap and ….I can totally take her. His face changes back to angry wild animal and he takes aim at my hand with his mouth! I then recall my own ability to process logic and think…oh shit! yeah…wild monkeys….who can beat the shit out of me. WTF am I doing? I know what I am doing! I am saving my MF’ing CF cards! Bite me MF! I do not give a crap! Who is the advanced primate now?!! That’s right! You are!…..He missed. :)

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