Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shots fired…dolphin captured!

Day two on the water. This day is pretty much a repeat of the previous. Dolphins found again easily….harder than F to capture….but eventually…BANG! A leap occurs where the dolphin completely exists the water and BANG! BANG! Two shots fired. And…..OMG…..I think they are in focus. I almost start to cry and handed the camera to Manish and said “Please tell me it is in focus….please tell me it is in focus”.. WIN! Where is my beer? Oh yeah…no alcohol in Bangladesh. Did I mention this ridiculous rule yet?

Photo: JLewis

We move to another spot near the harbor. There we locate some more dolphins where….dare I say it out loud..….one appears to be repeatedly surfacing in pretty much the same location…obviously foraging. A potential easy target… easy when considering we are attempting to shoot the ahole dolphin of the year…who is NEVER f’ing easy! So we anchor…this is the only way to film at all. Boats in Asia have motors that are not only very loud, but also produce huge vibrations. So to be able to film…we have to go silent. Anyway, we hang out there for another hour and I am able to get a number of surfacing sequences from this animal. Good to go!

I learn from Manish…and other folks I work with here, that many people who live near the rivers have no idea there is a dolphin that exists there. And if they have seen it before, many assume it is a fish. I wonder if this could be partially because of its ridiculous fast surfacing. Yeah….I am gonna go ahead and put the blame on the damned dolphin. Totally its fault.

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