Saturday, March 29, 2014

So.... Are you gonna eat those almonds?

I get to my Jodhpur... Which is semi remote. And I need some Jennifer food. Aka almonds and apples would be great!

I head down the road where I know I saw some road side stalls with apples.
Apples and animals (Photo: JLewis)
But I can't recall where the one was where they looked.... Um...good.

I ask around. They point me to... Let's just call him Bob for the point of the story. So Bob has a little place... with some produce ... and four apples.... all covered in flies. Hmmm. Now the whole little village is staring at me. Will she buy Bob’s four apples? What do you think? Feces and disease won't be inside them right? 

So yeah... Got the apples. Now what about almonds?
They have cashews packaged. So I say...ok…No….not those but what about the brown oblong looking things? The little kid behind Bob says all excitedly YES! They then pull open the old drawer with the almonds... Not packaged like the cashews... Just laying there where the rats probably ran across last night and where the flies are currently resting. Of all the crazy things to go through my mind... I just thought... Maybe if I boil them?

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