Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So….Um…..Are you gonna wear that? Mam?

I head to a couple of local places to get some b roll. The places the driver takes me…are …ummm. Not super. One is a water fall…that is ….small. The other is a cave…which is ….um ….wet and not good for a camera to be in.

I wonder what else to do for filming here and then I remember that before I left Gopal…he said to me the following. Do you have everything? I thought…um…yeah…why this question? He asked me again,,,,, Why is he giving me this shit? I have never forgotten anything!… He finally explains…do I have anything …..nicer to wear….to his campus?



Photo: JLewis
Now I understand. Mam has been travelling about dressed all crap. Fine for film shooting….but maybe not for a professional lecture at a University. Oh. Yep. I get this. Well Gopal is in luck! I bought a fresh set of “local female clothing” my last night in Bangladesh…but …problem…no shoes other than the boots. So….after the negative on the cave…I decide to look for sandals to wear to keep from embarrassing Gopal when I visit his campus. J I am a good mother in that way! I am really lucky and locate some. But what happens next just re-enforces my concern that I am looking shit. I put on the sandals and the store keeper picks up a bottle of nail polish and without hesitation….paints my toenails. On the spot.

Everyone here seems to be trying to tell me……something.

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