Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What? No madness and mayhem? Don't you worry….it always comes back…eventually….just not today

Hanging around town 
Land in Pokhara early and head to next hotel. Gopal meets me there and we plan next two days of filming. He has to get back to campus to class. I won't have much time with him today.
Area I am staying is great for backdrop footage. I am staying on the edge of this gorgeous lake with snow capped mountains in the distance. I think I will try to interview Gopal here tomorrow.
Lake in Pokhara, Nepal (Photo: JLewis)

I decided to try and get some b-roll during the day today. Problem is…for the first time I am really in center of a white American tourist zone. So if you look like one….you're gonna be targeted. Why is this a problem? Constant interruption when trying to film to sell you stuff. "Look at the necklaces women made from a Tibet village…. while they stood on their heads …. and sang songs from Broadway…etc". Argh!!! I was frustrated because I really did not have a lot of time to get this type of footage and also because…..it was the first time I had to deal with being bothered for the art of the scam. AND I HATE THE ART OF THE SCAM! 

Finally I found a pair of old women beggars who I actually decided to hang out with for a bit. Why? They were authentic. No bullshit story of woe…just putting it out there…."we are begging …. give us money". Straight up. Now granted…they were also part of the whole scene, and had their spot on the edge of the entrance to the "cool caves" just like Joe has his cart on the corner. But I appreciated them so much more than the rest of these folks. Plus they were cute and they helped me figure out where else to go and film around the "cool caves".

My new friends with the most beautiful smiles and laughter, hanging outside the caves in Pokhara (Photo: JLewis)

So what about India?
I have been having a really tough time getting in contact with the next research group. They have given me a thumbs up to come visit them through email….but now I cannot get any more email either through to them or back from them (aka my stuff goes out…..no responses) Finally today further email contact is made and I at least think I have the dates secured. If all is good, that means I have one more day in Pokhara, then Kathmandu for maybe 3 days, then to India. I may even have a short window to see something else…not work related, while also getting extra b roll. 

Prep for Talk
Because the trips to Kathmandu and Pokhara shifted….I have to now have to get a lecture for the University in Pokhara ready a lot earlier than expected…for tomorrow in fact. So…guess who just started to throw….SOMETHING….together? Nothing a little wine won’t …um….
probably slow me down further at. Yes Wine can be had here in Nepal!!!! 

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