Friday, April 25, 2014

Just a normal a Jennifer life…of document…ing. :)

Today we started with some interviews at the University. While my goal is to
Dr. Choudhary and Subhasis (Photo: JLewis)
focus on Subhasis, I also want to get the perspectives of the leader of this team, Dr. Choudhary. So I spend as much time as I can working with him also.

In the later part of the day I get the chance to go to the river and interview the fishermen. Subhasis is working to document the impacts of fisheries on fish stocks here. He has a group called the Dolphin Mitre which translated means dolphin friend, where a select group of fishermen work for him to also collect data. Data on what types of fisheries are occurring, where and how frequently. So like all the places I have worked so far, these researchers also understand the importance of involving the local communities in their efforts to conserve.

Am still fighting DB. I loose pretty much everything each morning. Welcome to the Indian cleanse! Then feel great till I eat again which is usually dinner. Then it sucks all over again. Lovely searing pain. I still drink beer though. Have my priorities straight!

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