Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chilren of the corn…in the city…so …children of the city corn?..I dunno…Just creepy children…PART I

Sneaker Males
In india…there is this deal where these …I will call them sneaker males….hang out around the cabs..right next to them in fact….and then when you turn around they grab your bags and move them three feet into the cab then demand a tip. I have arrived in Mumbai at the airport, when I get to the cab…a sneaker male gets ahead of me ad grabs and runs. Ok. Fine. I know the gig…. I will pay.


But I don’t have any thing small. I give him a bill that was near the price of the cab ride. I give it to him and ask for change. He says NO!!! …I say YES! ….He says NO. Little mother fucker. I was so pissed. But what could I do?

So…ok here is where Jennifer does bad. :(

You should know …right now….that sometimes…when I am worn down and exhausted…negativity comes out…and unfair negativity. Which is wrong. And not really me. But here it came…out.  I get in the cab and I say…..”MERRY XMAS”. Yeah…ok…Jennifer ….you really know how to throw an insult! …WAIT WAIT! There was more. I then said “F’ING INDIA”. :(

This was WAY out of line for me. But it just flowed right out of my evil American mouth.

I loved India. And it was not India’s fault. And everyone but him was incredible to me here. This guy was an ass. No one else. Well. Do not worry…the GOD'S saw and decided to let me know what I did. …….to be continued

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