Sunday, May 18, 2014

The adventure continues in Calcutta….Again.

I will talk …to anyone
So…I have found that sometimes…I miss talking so much…and want to joke around…in my own fashion….that I prefer to just chat…at people that don’t speak English. It is the same way I sometimes do with small children and…dogs. They don’t understand…but they look at you like they do…and they like what you are saying. So I can tell all my stupid jokes without negative feedback. And usually makes me laugh even more…because I realize I am talking….to absolutely no one! Oh Jennifer! :)

Fed Ex sucks! In Asia
So…I need to send out the rest of my film files. There were no Fed Ex locations in Bhaglapur, so had to wait till I got to Calcutta. With a lot of trouble (drivers never know where anything is)…me and the cab driver and his buddy who just came for the ride…found the location!!! I get out and go inside. And I decide this time to just act like I know what I am doing…there is nothing wrong going on here…just accept the hard drive and send it to America.
Jedi mind tricks. NOT.

I forget where I am….male dominated world. Bravado females suck…and should be questioned…etc. Damn it. I totally miscalled that one! So they are super highly suspicious of the drive. Damn it. They decide they have to look through it….after asking me….if I have porn on it! I want to say…do I look like I would ?….and then realize….maybe I do?…Do I? I don’t know! Oh bother. 

So anyway…they begin the arduous task of looking at …yes…EVERY SINGLE PHOTO of which there are 1000’s on the drive. I am getting super nervous bc I cannot see anything this guy is doing and worry he could be copying my files. So I finally ask what’s up.

They decide I need a local address…not a hotel. I say fine. I give them the University address in Bhaglapur. Not good enough….they now want the University professor’s passport number I worked with…which of course I carry everywhere! NOT..NEVER! EVER! I am done. Not sending. Shit.

Should I give up? Or comtinue? There is DHL. I have never used them and am worried. But….I will be screwed if I loose this second half of the film footage. So gotta try. Ok. Off to find a DHL.

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