Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Stop Cider Pub

So where do I end this part of the adventure? Well. How about a cider pub in
Cider Pub in Bristol, England (Photo: J Lewis)
the UK? Sharing a table with a couple who….might be on the first date?  
I am having my first set of blues which as I understand….happen when you travel far and then return to home base. I am over the top happy about how everything went…but I just don’t want to sit in my flat. So I head next door..yep next door…God bless England…to a cider pub!

What is Bloody fantastic about England is that you can take your laptop, go into a pub, sit at a nice old giant wooden table, work and not look like a weirdo. We simply don’t have anything like this in the US. And I vote we do something about this! Immediately! Bc I need to work and drink and be in a place with people all at the same time! We ALL need this! Trust me!

Well the couple starts to chat with me, and it turns out of all things, one of them just happens to be studying Zoology at the local University AND….just happens to be interested in the study of dolphins!!! I know! Hired on the spot! He now helps us with research and Public relations writing pieces for print media on our foundation. Score! And…best Cider ever!!!

PS. For my followers….ok…who am I kidding….for the cat that watches me
"Fan" of the Jennifer Blog. I write this for you cat!!! GDamnit!
(Photo: JLewis)
type through the window….do not fear…I am continuing to add to this blog bc….the story is no way near done! First…um….I gotta still make a docu out of this footage….second…I have decided to do multiple others and have now already started on these (yes…I am not in England….but you can pretend to think I am…you being…the cat). and third….I will be going back to Asia this December for part two of the mafia meets fishermen meets fish meets demise of Ganges river dolphin if we stay at the status quo. In other words…TONS more to tell. :)

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