Saturday, December 20, 2014

Abu Dhabi is not the longer name for Dubai? What?

Ok. So this story will only assure you all the brain ability within my head is….well…too low to build a space shuttle that is for certain! I’m off to Asia. First destination will be Bangladesh. However, to get there…or near over there, usually means at least one layover overnight some where. Last time was Istanbul. Which was by the way over the top fantastic! This time is I think I am going to over night in Abu Dhabi…..I seriously am certain of it. So I make a hotel reservation. Reasonable price…check! Near the airport….Check! All good to go. 

What is funny….is that when I checked in at the airport …the counter person even said Dubai. And I hesitated….for a millisecond, but then…my brain said to me..Yeah…Probably short hand for…Abu Dhabi. I have absolutely no idea why the F I did this. Even deep inside my brain I knew they were not the same. But other me…pushed it aside and said…Jennifer…you know what you are doing…I am certain the ticket said Abu Dhabi. Not to worry. Ok. In plane…travel travel travel. Get off plane. Everything says Dubai. Quick Google check. Well what do you know! Fear washes over me. Fuck. I am in the wrong GD far away land and now with no place to stay and it is just after midnight.

Yep. Abu Dhabi and Dubai....two different places...not within walking distance. Both however..have airports (see map) and both (thank god) are in the same country. 

Ok…OK. Get on phone, search for hotel in DUBAI! Found one. Booked! Off we go. Arrive at hotel, and I then learn they cannot check me in until 3 pm. It is 1 am now. Because I booked for the day we are currently in. OMG. So the counter person sees that crestfallen look and decides if I can wait till 4:30 am. I can check in then. Yeah. Makes F no sense at all. But I have no strength to fight and I can use the wifi in the lobby. And the lobby has diet coke and snickers. So I sit for 3 hours to then check in for two hours of sleep and then am off again!

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