Sunday, December 21, 2014

It is normal to have your driver give up on you mid ride? If you are in Asia. And a Jennifer, then maybe so!

I am trying to get to my first destination of this journey, Khulna. There is no airport there, so you have to fly to the nearest airport city (Jessore) and then hire a car to get the rest of the way. No big deal. Decided to use company I did last time. Made all arrangements. Flew to Jessore. Walk outside. Crickets. Well, I lie, actually there were no crickets. And also no driver for Jennifer. Drivers at any location I have travelled have it fairly easy for location of me, since I am always the only Caucasian for….maybe even a country or two over. So that was certainly not the issue. Hmm. Its dark. I cant walk 100 miles. What to do? Other drivers note my….lost soul and jump on it immediately. I get in a car…and away we go….for about 3 miles. Then we stop in the middle of a village and a person from behind my car comes to my door, opens and says to change to their car instead. Red flags? Of course! But, here the other option is way creepier, because as I stand there the villager men have come out and are now surrounding me and the drivers of both cars are looking more and more nervous. They realize they let frosty the snowman climb out into view, making not only me a target but them as well. So they exclaim I must get into other car NOW. Ok.

So here is what I have learned. 1. Not all drivers will stay with you for the duration, and I need to be one with this (this is my second example where this has happened to me) and 2) some scary people are scarier than other scary people. Troll vs demon….Yeah…I’ll travel with troll!