Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This plane is trying to scare me…ON PURPOSE!

So I am off. On my first of ? plane rides for this trip. Which sucks bc I hate flying. No big deal though…I’ll just drink way too much wine and watch…….oh..…my TV doesn’t work.  Ok. Fine… The little “here is our flight path” thing works! I will watch that!.. for 8 hours (wine by the way for you non drinkers…is amazing like this).

At some point, I decided to actually focus and read this map. And I was immediately taken aback. You know what they point out on this map? This map across the vast Atlantic Ocean?
Not normal things you or I might consider…like I dunno… island names…..or names of deep trenches. Name of the ocean? Nope. What did they decide to share?


And other… ships…trying to unsuccessfully make their way across the Atlantic! While we ……are trying ……to ALSO CROSS THE ATLANTIC!!

Is this a good thing to point out VIRGIN AIRLINES???

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