Friday, February 20, 2015

Those irritating rocks…..AGAIN! and well what do you know! Isn’t this the road where I once wrote my will on Whatsapp?

So I have been traveling back and forth and back and forth between Khulna and Mongla where the dolphin researchers are assessing the oil spill. This is finally my last trip home. A trip that is about an hour through a mostly rural area dotted with a few small villages. It is dark and chilly and I am ready to just get some food and sleep. We are moving along in the car I have hired when all of the sudden…bang bang bang against the door. Hey! I know this sound! I also recognize the looks in the faces of my car mates. The one that says…..”This is how I would look if I just found a scary clown under my bed….or a
tiger” (depends on your personal fear bucket list). This is then followed by a look given to the driver that says …”PLEASE do not stop! “. What…pray tell….was this? Rewind to Bhaglapur trip one…remember? The one where I hired a car to take me an 8 hr drive through an area that locals would not travel. Because of the threat of…I dunno. Murder? Mayhem? Something like that. I forget. Where I just wanted to NOT have to get out and throw up in a random rice field? That trip! YES!

So it seems that along with my weird karma about hiring drivers that for some reason tend to give up on me mid trip and then switch out with someone else….someone else I do not know….I also appear to have knack for travel in cars attacked by the “rock throwers” (see:

Last comments to the driver as we get out at my hotel and assess the damage. “Eh…You just need a little white car touch up paint to cover that right up!” Just like…”Oh…a little dab of blemish cream will hide that gaping hole left in your face after you were attacked by the rhino”…or…”Yes…I realize you just ate ten blue candles…no worries…they will look especially cool when they…..come …..out?”

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