Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some thieves believe in a good nights sleep!

I arrive in Dhaka with one of my characters via bus.Turns out we have to get in separate rickshaws because we each have too much luggage with us. My rickshaw is following my characters rickshaw. It is 6:30 in the morning. A car comes near to the side of my rickshaw and then pulls behind us. My driver (these are bicycle rickshaws) starts to yell at the car and keeps looking over his shoulder. I think…because I am pooh bear….”Whatever!…Did he try and cut you off? Why get so inflamed? Its 6:30!….There is no traffic! Lets go get you a coffee and calm you down!”

This is what I get for having zero knowledge of the local language. Apparently…….. I misunderstood. Yep. That is how I like to describe it. For the next moment involved the car, racing in front of us and trying to grab my characters purse! What? What? What? Here is what perplexed me…Who the F has the energy and desire to get up at 6 am for purse stealing?!!!!! Who?!!! In America … one thing you can depend on…is that the safest ride through the “hood” is EARLY IN THE MORNING! Bc everyone is “sleeping it off”!

Now I do not mean to imply that having drugs and alcohol be LESS a part of the hood culture is a BAD thing….but…well… I think this should at least be warnings some where.  
This is what Lonely Planet shows when talking
about...things to watch out for. I SWEAR!
Something about Tunisia.
Doves? Do we need to worry about doves? 

I NEVER got that Memo! State Department?!!! (yeah I know…who am I kidding here….I never read that site …EVER. Sigh.

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