Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maybe it’s fun like a video game? No….No….its scary.

I actually learned this trick in Rome a long time ago… just like the saying goes: “If you wanna fucking live when crossing the roads…don’t cross them!” (AND YES THAT IS A SAYING!)

Like Frogger on Drugs..Bad drugs. (Source:
Well if you have ever been to Rome then you know what I am talking about. Come to find out…that is baby shit. Yep. Nothing so far in my experience compares with road crossing in Dhaka. There are no lanes…but there might be six vehicles deep in width across, all moving fast. Buses, cars, motor rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws. It looks near impossible, but these people somehow…SOMEHOW….make it across alive…frequently. I think it is all in the attitude. Gotta just believe you will live and use that to your advantage. Meaning….you will at least feel better….until someone runs you over. Then that advantage will be gone….just so you know.

So what was funny, was everyone who met me could see the issue in my face each time we came to a road. The face that said…I don’t believe….so I am probably gonna die. And so like good parents they would help me…..cross. :)

This however tended to be problematic because I had a tendency to 1) try and film them crossing the streets as I also crossed so now they had to work double hard to keep me alive and 2) because I am a golden retriever inside, colors and noises easily distract me. And a split second pause not to follow immediately next to or behind your help across the road…is another way to quickly eliminate a Jennifer from the earth. I learned if I made that mistake…that it was best to just stay on the edge and not follow. My friends would be exasperated (bc they now have to come all the way back and get the five year old they left behind) but I got to live…more. :)

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