Sunday, October 12, 2014

No I am not a DEA agent…but damn….wouldn’t that have been cool!

So..I decide this summer, while I am teaching, that I will get my students to question the general public about their knowledge on dolphins. So I get the lab van, pick random gas stations and such where I think they will get some traffic and push them out the door with clipboards, pens and courage to approach random strangers. So I am waiting for a bunch of them to finish and want to document them, maybe to include in another film in progress….yes…I get the fact that um Jennifer….what about that other one….the one this blog is about? I KNOW! But why not start the next ones while I have the ability to do so too! Right?

I realize pretty quick trying to film from the van, way out in the parking lot, that we are
For scale. Side note: Isn't it amazing how
many uses there are for wine? :)
just too far and I will need the big guns. The 400. Fine. No problem. Just switch these out. Ok. Need some help to stabilize, lets set it on the edge of my open window. Yep that works fine. Just filming away when we (me and my handful of left over students) notice we are being noticed. Not by our subjects who are really far actually, but by the folks in the car not too far from us. A 400 is well…A big MF lens! And looks…well…like something is going down if not aimed at obvious artsy things like…wild birds for example. Anyway, I see our neighbors trying to look without me noticing they have looked. One is inching down to help cover his face. We start to giggle. And…well…I suppose for any DEA agents out there….this might be a good tip for you….Giggling seems to be the one thing NO ONE expects of a professional DEA agent, or would-be spy. These folks in the neighboring car start to laugh and then ask…..WTF are we doing? I explain (asking people about dolphins, film about dolphins). This, mind you in a Home Depot parking lot. This explanation seems to bother them considerably. Too improbable. Definitely less probable then a potential drug bust about to go down…they stop smiling and quickly leave.