Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What is an amenity?

(Side note: Please understand the shit I write is to make fun of myself and to placate the neighbor’s cat that reads my blog. God Bless your soul cat! I take poverty very seriously and would never make light of how that affects others...other than me. Thus ends the moment of seriousness.)

I will now share some of my memories of a little place in India…a bit off the beaten path. A place…..the only place I have been, where I got “THE look”. The look where the men in the hotel (there are never women), where the men stare hard and long at you, making sure you make eye contact with them and that you “HEAR” their message.
A little bit of Corleone..little bit of Scarface and BANG! "The look"
The message that says: “Woman, you are stupid to be here. If you are attacked we will ignore it and continue to play bridge.” 

Here are some of the neat new things I learned about hotel amenities in a land far far away:

 1. Ever wonder what it would be like if it was cold outside, and the venting for the bathroom = a permanent open window, and then water coming out of shower head was only of an about 60F max level? ….I wonder…what would that be like? To take a shower there? ……Well, I will tell you….THAT I HAVE NO IDEA! And that I became….maybe….smelly on my last trip.

2. Did you know that you can actually dry your hair with a floor heater? I know!…Rick Steve’s go ahead. Steal it. It is yours! :)

For warmth and grooming! (Photo: JLewis)

3. You know its gonna be a “snuggly” night when your bedding appears to have been last used to capture baby calves as they were born. ….Hmmm. ……..Hmmm some more. ………

Well, if its good enough for baby calf, then good enough for me! Standards successfully and significantly lowered…. again. 

Eh…we used to all live in caves or something anyway…right?