Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I am thinking that “Rocks”…could be painful…. Yes. I agree with Me. I think they could.

Off to the next location, INDIA!!!

If you have read this Blog all along, then you may recall that on my first journey here, I took it upon myself to hire a car to get from the airport in Patna, India to the town I was working in (Bhaglapur). And that when I arrived, the folks there were seriously upset to learn A) I was alone, B) I took THE road and C) with no cell phone.

So this time, the folks in Bhaglapur arranged their own car for me and have given one of the lab assistants the task to travel with me to ensure, that…….maybe if our car is paralyzed by “rocks” that…well…I really have no idea what they could possibly do that I cannot do. Unless these people have…like…magic power. Anyway…here we all are together. Riding through “rock” ville. (back story….where “rocks” are regularly shot at cars to get them to stop. And not to sell them Prada.)

Nope! No Gulp.
We take off from the airport in Patna. This time the driver stays the same throughout (see previous Blogs to find out how frequent Jennifer encounters drivers who apparently don’t want to stay with her…I don’t know why…and STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES CAT!)….so I am feeling this is a positive….thing. Right? BUT! We can’t very well have an 8hr ride without an adventure can we? It would be against all possible Jennifer norms! So about half way through…interesting thing number one occurs. Another car nearly wipes us off the road…correction…it DID in fact wipe us off the road!

Apparently my driver was unhappy about this event so he took it upon himself to teach the other driver a “lesson”. He rushed ahead and cut off the other car so that it had to screech to a halt. That was not enough….he then had to yell at them. All the while I was thinking…um…but what about those…um…”rocks”…what if they have um….”rocks”. Will that be a um…..problem for us? And DOES anyone in the car have magic powers? Or a healing spell thingy?

For GOD's sake man, NEVER piss off the cleric! (Source: