Sunday, January 4, 2015

What’s Christmas like in Bangladesh?

Things I learned this Christmas: 
Beautiful plastic red and green beds just in
time for Xmas! (Photo: JLewis)

1. It seems I have physical limits. I know! I was surprised also!
:) It turns out that having Delhi Belly 7 days in a row can somehow dehydrate you. And even more so when you had beer the night before. And then add to that, bc of the delhi belly, you have been avoiding pretty much everything except a piece of toast each day. I know! Avoiding food but I can somehow manage beer? Come on! It's me! Jennifer! :) 

2. Getting to a hospital in Bangladesh is NOT gonna be fast. Be prepared to use the Jedi mind control on yourself if you want to live. Easy relaxing thoughts...puffy white clouds...FUCK I'M GONNA DIE! puppies playing with unicorns. (Pause) As long, as long as the unicorns don't get out of control...BC I really think this would suck more if I had share the rickshaw to the hospital with puppies with holes in them. (Longer Pause) WHERE IS THE HOSPITAL?!!!

3. The cure for dehydration SUCKS! Saline water is absolutely
This is not red wine. Sigh. (Photo: JLewis)
the nastiest thing I have ever consumed.
 Except for Jaagermeister. Yeah. That sucked more. And Robitussen. I really hate Robitussen. 
To make matters worse…while trying to hydrate….apparently I now have to avoid alcohol. :(

4. Finally at the very end of Christmas Day 2014, I found one happy thing. Actually I found 2! 1) I have been given a whole cake and have been told to eat cake once an hour. WHAT!? WHAT!? I LOVE my prescription! and 2) Anchorman 2 is actually funny!  I laughed so much I think I scared the poor hotel staff who thought they were going to have a dead American on their hands earlier….now an insane American. Which is worse? I dunno. All I know is I am not drunk. This time. 

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