Friday, July 25, 2014

Jennifer’s parking lot adventures

So I am back in the US and am at the store taking a break from going
They all look the same…except some have 
foreign people in them. AKA….People you don't know.

through video from Asia. I come out and this guy has parked on my passenger side. And he has parked so close, that he is having a really hard time getting back in. 

I start to think…inside my head…..”Hey!”…”Don’t be mad at me! You are the idiot that parked like that! I would never park that close to you like that.!”
And on and on in my head….I am arguing with this guy.

I go to my door, I grab the handle open it, still watching him, waiting for him to turn and scowl at me. I look down……and….this girl is sitting there reading a book. Why? …….because……It is not my car. 

OMG! She is looking at me like…:”I’m getting car jacked….here it goes. It will all go down from here….maybe I will die.”

So I just said “Oh….not my car” ….and I gently closed the door. OMG. Jennifer!!! I laughed so hard I could barely locate my actual car.

So now I am dangerous in cars and dangerous approaching and getting into cars also it seems. Goody.

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