Monday, August 4, 2014

Why Jennifer will document stuff…outside of war zones…and just to clarify….major war zones with loud war stuff

So. While in the midst of editing film one, I am now shooting for film two. This one involves looking at the issue of dolphin human interactions in the northern Gulf of Mexico (aka….the deep south…of the US of A). Well, obviously I needed to place the location. So for some b roll I head to a civil war re-enactment…..which I should add… HIGHLY entertaining! I was uber jealous that girls could not participate. I mean…seriously! Get to storm a beach! Shoot guns and canons! Yell and climb walls raiding a fort and NO ONE DIES!!!!

What I learned however, is that….I have no idea how war correspondents hold cameras steady when shots are fired! It is ALWAYS a surprise. Even when you stare at the canon….knowing its gonna go off…in five…four…three…..two…FUCK! I jumped again!

I share the following little piece as example.

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