Saturday, July 18, 2015

Scary Bits Here....Scary Bits there...

What is it like having your heart cut out of your chest by someone’s eyes? 

Side note: I know this Blog is starting to make it sound like everything was dangerous. ……Yeah. So what is my point? LOL. I don’t know. Anyway….
So I score at the very last minute….AMAZING unexpected interview…with THE MAFIA BOSS!! I know!!! What will this be like…I wonder… ? :)  

The night before, I didn’t know the interview was coming, but I had one of the most horrifying dreams I have ever had. In it….down a long alley….. was a dark, brown, man that I knew…simply WAS …….THE devil. And he WAS gonna get me. And it WAS gonna suck…… BAD!

Could have been all the curry….and the beer……or……THE DEVIL WAS COMING TO GET ME! :)

Anyway, so we meet him near the edge of the river (Him being the mafia boss…not devil………maybe?). And he has all his peeps there. (Yes…mafia even in small far away villages have an entourage). And they are constantly working to edit his words. He never smiles while we are sitting there. Just stares at me through squinty eyes. Purposeful squinty eyes. Never moves them away. Never blinks. He exudes confidence. The kind of confidence that says….yep…you can and will not hurt me in any way….instead….I will only hurt you…and then when I am done, I will eat ice cream….and I still wont smile. I will then kill a butterfly. And then a unicorn. And then a rainbow.


  1. I have no words of comfort, I have no words of reason.
    In my dormant state I remain forever sorry.
    You however have words that harness great power. Strident, humorous and strong. What power you have.
    Striking talent growing from glimmers of light despite the dark shadows it may cast.

    1. Its funny....but I know you instantly. Even through typed words I can hear your voice.
      I am grateful to hear it. I have missed it.
      Thank you for still cheering me on. I just of course hate that it (at least you think it must) be hidden now deep inside a blog that no one reads. Because I am worth the effort to connect with in the light of day. If it is circumstance, then I understand. If it is choice, then I don't.
      Have million things to share. Will leave you with two words in hopes it will entice you out from the cave: wizard and wolves. :)