Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Character number three is found!

So to film this little bleep…dolphin…. (read previous post to understand my obvious irritation).  Anyway…to film it, I have hired a boat and captain. (Really? …no one would have guessed that Jenn). Note to self…less Tuscan wine before blogging….seems to make me….an angrier writer.

So….the research group I have been filming has provided a volunteer of the organization to travel with me to help. This is Manish. Manish is a graduate student at Khulna University where he is working on a project related to the problems of fisheries and interactions with dolphins. Within about 10
Manish helping to survey for dolphins in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh (Photo: JLewis)
minutes I have decided he would make AN EXCELLENT character to follow! He is bright….well spoken…and has a very open spirit that comes across immediately. I know it will transfer to film as long as he does not get nervous. I am over the top excited to have found him totally by accident! I tell him by days end what I want to do. Instead of following other people at the lab in Khulna (which was the plan after I got some footage on the water)…I want to follow him!

Then I will make my way back to Dhaka and capture Farhana. And …hey….things are looking so much better now! This is the story I came to tell! Trouble is…..he cannot speak to me on film about his research…OH NO….Brakes!!!! Why? He has to get permission from his adviser who…is in the heart of Africa …..where internet….is shit. Damn!!!!  Well….lets see what we can do. We eventually agree that I will draw up a contract stating I will not use any film where he discusses his research…if the professor does not give permission. Done! :)

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