Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Um….is there more chicken….to go with this…..leg?

So dinner here in Mongla….is ….um….interesting. They have a restaurant at my hotel. At least it appears to be one….tables…chairs…tablecloths…..mosquitos? Mongla is not exactly a tourist destination. All that exists directly outside my hotel is the end point for buses (road ends here), tiny shed like buildings where merchants can sell stuff and a dock where people then move to the other side of the river. The end.

So I am not at all sure that this “restaurant” is really functioning. Why did I wonder? Well, tip number one…NO ONE is using the restaurant and it is after 6. But a man comes out gives me a menu……let's see what happens if I order something…..I look across the menu……I know what chicken Masala is ….which I love so I order that. I get…..a leg. In a bowl. Ok. I just re-read the last line and figure I should clarify….a chicken leg…in a bowl. That’s it. See photo below.
Dinner, Mongla (Photo: JLewis)
I try to interpret what exactly has transpired here.  Is it a) Someone is trying to help me….diet?  b) This kitchen never is used and well…..that was all that was left in the “fridge” or c ) They really eat very little here. This one worries me the most. For them….not for me. :(

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