Monday, April 28, 2014

And then we eat….or they eat and Jennifer makes a mess

Yeah…I can’t eat fish…..whole

We get out today to observe the research team surveying the river for dolphins and collecting environmental data on the health of the river in different locations. This was all well and good….BUT…. the HIGHLIGHT was lunch and pre lunch!

So…it had been discussed that Jennifer should have a special Jennifer
Lunch prep on Ganges (Photo: JLewis)
meal of boiled eggs because she most likely could not handle the local food. I had nothing to do with this…they just all decided this. Fine. No worries….maybe they eat…I dunno. Something not so cool. Like badger heads.

I know what a boiled egg is….Easter and all….so I should be good to go. But I have made friends with the fishermen. And friends always offer to share their food. Blasted! And if you have been reading this long winded story….you are aware that I am simply not allowed to say…no thanks.
Well here comes the appetizer!…Not badger heads! (Relief)…But….It is the one and only thing I have had any trouble with on this entire journey….whole fish. Now mind you they are little fish…..And I have to admit the spicing was perfect….So…um….if I could have just sucked on them…and then placed them back in the sea?  Yeah…not possible. Must crunch up and smile. They are little …..bony ……fish….and of course they all get stuck in my throat. I start to wonder if a badger head would have been easier?

Jennifer eats with a fork…better

So we are on the river all day and we stop at a sandbar to eat lunch. This is the third time I get to try eating with my hands. And I soooo suck at it. Everyone else can make these perfect little balls. And if you have ever eaten…which I am sure you have…you can imagine how easy balled food
Lunch on beach of Ganges (Photo: JLewis)
is to eat vs …say soup with your hands. So like a snickers bar….vs…soup. This is my dilemma. I always make mine like soup…and it is weird. Because we all have the same food in front of us..It is always rice…but my rice is all a mess. No matter what I do. I still get some in my mouth…but because mine is like soup much falls out of my hands and well. ..again …I am the retarded friend you DO NOT want to bring out with family and friends and generally in public. So we are sitting on this beach…and I am dribbling rice everywhere. Entertaining myself…just like a five year old. Everyone else is ignoring me. Rolling eyes…I totally understand. I am sitting next to the Head of forestry…and then there is the distinguished professor who brought me out here…and well…I am five.  And I am betting he is wishing he had…taught me to eat at some point before we set out today.

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