Monday, April 21, 2014

The story here is incredible

I cannot talk in detail about where the docu story led while here for fear of spoiler alert. But!…I can tell you that the complexity ramped beyond anything I could have ever imagined! And the story became one of not only species survival but human survival and human rights.

Subhasis (Photo: JLewis)
To get to the locations here I travel with Subhasis, who I figure out pretty much immediately…..will be the final character I will follow. We have to take a motorcycle. This time no helmet. Which…..if he only knew….how good that actually was for him….and the respect the community will continue to have for him. (see previous blog about gaining weight and embarrassing friends).

Anyway, He is perfect for this story. He is a young person….this time with a family to support….who is struggling to continue to work as the field team manager (also doing some of his own research) and working as THE bridge to the local community. He is critical to the team’s success here. So where is here? Well I am finally working on the main part of the Ganges River itself. In Nepal we worked on the headwaters of the Ganges. In Bangladesh I worked on the delta of the Ganges. Here…IT IS THE GANGES! The town where Bhaglapur University is (headquarters of this research team), is located almost at the center point for the only dolphin sanctuary in India (Vikramshila Sanctuary). So it is a great location for a base of research on the species. At least it seems like it would be at first….and I will leave that for the docu (teezers…sorry).

Today we spent time filming some on the river and planning the rest of the work I will do there. The footage I have been able to collect here has been phenomenal.

Along the Ganges river in Bihar, India (Photo: JLewis)

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