Sunday, January 19, 2014

One visa down! Two more…or three….to go….plus which to choose? Arrest or theft? Interesting dilemma huh?

India’s visa process is…… argh...

Ok. So I have to wait till Tuesday to start the process for my next VISA (Nepal has now agreed that I can come in

So I decided to try for India over Bangladesh next because….well…worst case…I can legally try to get a VISA at the airport when I get to Bangladesh. Same went for Nepal (but covered there anyway). India is a tougher nut to crack. T
hey don’t let you go to the Indian embassy to apply. They have farmed it out to an outside company And you have to make appointments!!!! Argh! Meaning….I can't just walk in with application today! And…I have heard it can take …..weeks?  

For first time I am wondering if India will not be a part of this project. :( I basically have 1.5 weeks left till departure date!

Which is worse.. Orange clean new bag screaming to the less fortunate…
BRAND NEW!!!…ROB HER!!!!…Or black Gaffers tape which says to airport 
authorities….um….hmm….Yep she’d look good in ORANGE! (I know…I
know…probably only in U.S.…the orange jail thingy…maybe other places have cute stuff to wear? …or not…yeah…probably not.  
See what I mean!!! Like a damned beacon!

Anyway...on to the most important thing right now. How to avoid arrest! :) So...I am sitting here working to cover all the bloody bright orange bits inside my back pack with black gaffers tape. When it suddenly dawned on me....after seeing my progress....and listening to John Denver...(yeah..I have no idea what is going on now) that when going through the airports
.what will look more suspicious? Who covers the inside of their bag with gaffers tape!!! Well I have one solution. I do have a yoda sticker. I think affixing it to the front of the bag will help them to decide...yeah...just another insane American. :) Or....I will get the chance to decorate a new apartment. A gray apartment. Hmm.

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