Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today I had spider overload

Ok. So I have low spider tolerance….. Ok. That is a lie. I have no spider tolerance. Well, a good friend has repeatedly commented on this and advised I need to think about the good of the spider and just capture them and release them outside when I encounter them……Yeah…Exactly!…..I can see me doing that also!…..NOT! So…while there is no WAY I can push myself to…..capture…I can try hard (given they are small) to turn a blind eye and allow them to move along and hide where I cannot see them. Ok. So that is the back story. What does it mean? It means there are live spiders hidden in my apartment…..at this moment, that I have refrained from killing to placate my friend and to be a better world steward person.

Ok. Moving on to what just happened. I look down at my foot and a black thing is on my toe. A BLACK THING IS ON MY TOE!!!! I freaked and tried to shake it off!!!  It does not come off!!! I try again and again. Each time I do and ……it ……does not…get …off…I feel a little more and more like I will faint. Eventually I understand that the only out is to….touch …..this thing to get it off. It is holding on for dear life. So with the last bit of consciousness I reach down and find…um….well what do you know?…..a sock fuzzy! :) Next thought…where is Jennifer going? How the F will she keep consciousness during this journey there when a sock fuzzy nearly pushes her over the edge. Yeah…I am exactly the right person for this trip!

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