Thursday, January 30, 2014

White People…Are Silly. ☺

So….where do white people go when they go to Asia? Kathmandu! All of them! Be forewarned.

Last vino for t minus….
too many days. 
So…I locate my gate in Istanbul. Whole group waiting are white people. All of them! All look like Everest wanna be’s. And they all look so ridiculously nervous. What is up with that? Come on. Man up Americans!

We have about 4 hours to go…so…to hell with this crowd. I am heading to the place with internet and wine. And I have no idea why I am the ONLY one who has considered this.

I take this time to record the before shots of my boots. Its kinds funny…Here I am getting giggly from wine taking iphone pictures of my boots …while my flight buddies are all sitting on the floor at the gate probably reading their Rick Steve’s guides to Nepal. Who is the stupider….yeah….probably me….BUT….who is the happier less stressed? I rest my case.
Before…..many things

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