Monday, March 24, 2014

Will I finally get arrested?

Finally got a 2 hour break to get some b roll of the old part of Kathmandu.Decide to basically stay put in an area around a large temple. I wander around the blocks nearby. Am taking my time, really working all angles when I start to notice one officer is watching me, and following me and looking more and more concerned. 

Temples in old Kathmandu, Nepal (Photo: JLewis)
See what I mean? (Photo: JLewis)

Could it be the fact that I also filmed American tourists? A lot! Why the hell did I do this you might ask? They are terribly fascinating that’s why! When they travel they only come in packs, and they form very tight little circles, all moving as a unit…kinda of like an amoeba. How can you not watch this? I admit…a white girl…filming white people might seem….odd. I get that. 

Now look at the white people compared to everyone else in the square. Oh for the love of God…Americans. Loosen up. Drink more. Learn to go….ALONE! (Photo: JLewis) PS. Big thumbs up to Kathmandu for very big effort to raise Aids awareness (I am taking moment of seriousness here. Was really impressive). 
Could it also have been … what I did when I got to the area? Well…I had a bit of a shit chip on my shoulder. It is huge tourist attraction…meaning every other sales person is approaching you to sell something. So you have to get tough, no smiling…or they work harder to pull you in. So this one officer yells at me at some point saying I have to pay to get back down the street I just walked in on. I think…BULLSHIT! Are you kidding? I got pissed but since he looked official and said I would be arrested otherwise I bought a damn ticket from him. I was rather angry at him and said something about being bullshitted. Maybe that was not the right thing to do? :) Sometimes Jennifer forgets she cannot get away with being a Jennifer everywhere.
Armed people are people too! And they deserve to be
 filmed just like all the rest of us! (Photo: JLewis)

Let’s see…what else could it have been? Could it have been the fact that I also filmed some armed servicemen in the area? For gods sake…it’s the b roll! They are part of the landscape….so they needed to be filmed too! Right?

Anyway, I am continuing on, when I realize out of the corner of my eye… the officer is now following me everywhere I go and looking like he thinks I am doing …..something….wrong. …..Something. But he can’t decide what yet. Great! Finally he comes right up to me to see what is up. And then…saved!!! My taxi driver comes over to me and asks if we can go now!!! YES…Taxi driver! We CAN go now! :)

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